It is important to plan and implement an effective agronomic program that enhances the quality of the golf course conditions to exceed the level of expectations by the membership. The agronomic practices I  incorporate include cultural, pesticide and fertilization, and water management programs. Many agronomic practices are highlighted below.

Drill & Fill with Aeration

The new routing of the club forced us to change the severity of the new first hole. This used to be the 15th hole which was a severe dog-leg left and had to be changed in order to produce a straighter and easier opening hole. So, the old bunker that protected the dog-leg was reduced in size and the fairway was extended.

Continued Soil Modification

Repetitive aerfication, as described above, can start to modify a soil profile. By introducing sand into the soil profile by aerfication, roots are enabled to penetrate the soil further, creating a stronger canopy of grass.


Greens are verti-drained to shatter hardened soil that regular aerators can’t get to. The machine penetrates an unbelievable 14 inches, breaking up the soil to ensure better drainage.